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Quote #32
  <Ke1vin> btw, the unit of "set speed(INCOMING)" in ngbot.conf is...?
  <red-5> gigawatts

Quote #31
  <donmagic1> what could be every 1st day of month i need to reinstall pzs-ng there is no race info just new dirs shows which were created?

Quote #30
  <OwO> its announcing after upload
  <_eSC0B4r_> you want to announce the release before it is uploaded, ofc.
  <_eSC0B4r_> you need to get the precog-version.

Quote #29
  <beo> FLAC support still on TODO list xD
  <red-5> so is your mom

Quote #28
  <orga> how do i add my own nfo file to the uploaded release folder?
  <orga> right now it creates a folder named: [no-nfo]-FileName-ReleaseGroup
  <ikaroz> touch /path/to/your/folder/my-own-file.nfo

Quote #27
  <orga> i have tried botchk
  <orga> but it just start a new pid and start another one
  <orga> orelse im doin it wrong
  <egy> you're doing it wrong then
  <UwU> dont shut down

Quote #26
  <donmagic1> blow.tcl dont work with perl scripts

Quote #25
  <donmagic1> what blowfish script to use?
  <xerox_> do you like, ever, think for yourself I wonder

Quote #24
  <iNDiGO> this method lost many .nfo .jpg .m3u files... i think
  <iNDiGO> torrent trackers somehow run script for create .torrent files. i think we just need find that way.

Quote #23
  <crx> my old fish plugin from 2003 still works ...

Quote #22
  <OneCoin> hi all need some help with weard error that acured <post_check script (zipscript) could not be executed, file not tested> in the midel of an upload now the zip dosnet work at all,have chekt the bins and right chmod dosen eny one have eny ides?
  <red-5> sorry i left my mongolian translator at work.. what?

Quote #21
  <Teqno> Only 2 out of 8 servers have the segfault issue. Both latest Debian stretch with kernel Linux 4.9.0-6-amd64. Other servers are running and without problem but they are also less busy.
  <crx> thats why i prefer to have only 1 server with no issues

Quote #20
  <fred> 'rm -fr / .message' seems to work also
  <dogblood> do I replace / with the dir I want it to delete at ?

Quote #19
  <donmagic1> anybody good in tcl?
  <red-5> putlog fuckoff

Quote #18
  <ikaroz> if that's a known issue, why isn't it fixed?
  <red-6> you're a known issue

Quote #17
  <skar> whats the best way to delete an entire dir with subdirs and have the subdirs not appear in !search after deleted ?
  <thorin> rtfm
  <Ra0uL> site rtfm
  <skar> is rtfm a script i gotta install ?

Quote #16
  <seki> Sked| dpkg -i libc6-i386_2.19-18+deb8u10_amd64.deb fixed the issue :)
  <Sked|> Sigh

Quote #15
  <@Sked|> The update date isn't correct though :p
  <hy> np. i blame daxxars template mirror... oh.. wait. ;P

Quote #14
  <tr1t1um> d3x0c: go do a reddit AMA, "I am e-famous person who made a gl theme, AMA" rofl

Quote #13
  <tascagao> I nee some help with IMDB, where I can find it ?
  <mng> imdb.com

Quote #12
  <whatthefu> Hello, there is a description in German for zsconfig.h?

Quote #11
  <effbiai> hi, does pzs-ng support other checksumming than crc32 in sfv files?
  <strange> there is a plugin to have chinese children download and test everything you download

Quote #10
  <tittof> you are such a joke
  <crx-> ?
  <crx-> why
  <crx-> hacking is impossible with hosts.allow and keyfiles anyway

Quote #9
  <psxc> believe: it's not gl but execve() that needs it in newer glibc
  <believe> unbelievable
  <psxc> believe it

Quote #8
  <Sked|> Kill It Cook It Eat It
  <js> Kill A Cock And Eat It

Quote #7
  < DriG> somebody can help me?
  <@psxc> hell no
  -!- DriG [[email protected]] has quit []

Quote #6
  <TWiSTEDSO> need a script to rescan directorys , but not daxxars , is there any other ?

Quote #5
  < maack> wwww down?
  <@psxc> yes, use www

Quote #4
  < kjb> source scripts/pre_check.tcl in botton of my egg conf
  <@daxxar> I'm telling you; It's meant to be run from commandline.
  < kjb> why isnt it called pre_check.sh?

Quote #3
  <losti> ./glupdate -r /glftpd/etc/hhf.conf -h /gl/site/my/path
  <losti> what can be wrong with my syntax? :)
  <losti> it always shows how to use screen

Quote #2
  MUSHi was kicked from #pzs-ng by daxxar [YOU MESSED WITH MY FAG FOR THE LAST TIME!1]

Quote #1
  <daxxar> It's kinda bad when you're competent enough to find the problem using an strace, but too incompetent to read the docs. :|
  <daxxar> op me :)

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